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Elusive Style started as way to bring products and brands to Sunbury, Vic.  As a Mum at home with 2 little ones (now 3!) I needed to leave Sunbury to get what I wanted and decided that we would bring those brands and products to Sunbury instead. 

I had spent 20 years in Corporate Australia, being in Senior Management and Training positions and decided that they had trained me well.  I started this venture on-line, setting up in lunch rooms around the CBD collecting members and selling our wares.  By the time I was pregnant with our 3rd child, it was time for me to set up a permanent home. 

We have re-invented ourselves many many times over the last 11 years and now have a beautiful store in the main street of Sunbury. 

Meet the Team!

Sylvia has a Diploma in Film, Television  & Personal Styling and has been a Judge for FOTF at Kyneton Cup for the past 5 years.

Heather ran her own boutique for 29 years locally and we are so honored to have her here with us.   She is our expert in all things. 

Suzie has run her own business in her native New Zealand and will welcome you with her amazing smile and sense of style.


Elusive Style, Shop 3, 70 Evans Street, Sunbury, Vic, 34239.  03 9746 2546.  ABN: 2733252678